ABOUT the My Music My Memories Program



We are all musical beings. Since the beginning of recorded history, music has been an important part of all cultures. The journey that led to the development of the Stradivarius violin, the Steinway grand piano and the Stratocaster electric guitar began with early man hitting sticks together, clapping hands and playing bone flutes.

Music is a great connector. It helps bind people together, and helps us connect to our feelings and to our memories. Connection is one of music's great powers and one of the reasons the My Music My Memories LLC Program was created.


The My Music My Memories Program (MMMM) is designed for adults mainly 50-75, however teens and older adults have enjoyed the MMMM program, too. Note: If someone isn't able to write their answers or comments they will need a partner to help them. 

The MMMM program has two purposes: 

1. To help you reconnect to many of the songs and musical pieces from your younger years focusing mostly on those impressionable years, 12-24, when you started making many of your own decisions - also a time of many firsts, such as first kiss, first job, first car and more. Each of these "firsts" had what is called an emotional charge and the memory was embedded in your brain. This process will help you create your customized list of favorite music, Your Top 40!

2. To help you recapture and write down some of the fond memories that are linked to that music. These memories will become your stories.  You are encouraged to share your music and some of your stories.  

The My Music My Memories Program requires a Playbook (workbook) which can be completed individually anywhere and anytime. However we suggest you do the program with another person or persons. We have found that it's more uplifting and fun when we get to talk about our favorite music and share our stories. 

Working on the Playbook either one-on-one or with a small group in your home, is called a Mini Jam.  

The program can also be presented in workshop form with a Leader or Conductor who is trained to lead a My Music My Memories Program. This is called a MMMM Jam Session. 

Click here for more information regarding Jam Sessions and Mini Jams. 



The program wouldn't be complete without the My Music My Memories Playbook (workbook), a step-by-step guide using printed questions, anecdotes and memory prompts to help people reconnect with their favorite music and the memories linked to it. Each page provides space for your handwritten responses to the questions and statements.  When each person completes his/her Playbook it will become part of each person’s personal history – a keepsake to share with friends and family – a legacy for generations to come.


"Hi - Kathy Woods here. I love connecting and sharing - that's what this program is about. It is not therapy - the program and the Playbook are instruments of connection and a means to help recollect and write down your favorite music of the past as well as the treasured stories associated with the music. I've had one-on-one experiences with people as they shared their favorite music and their stories surrounding that music. These were rewarding, fun experiences that I wanted to recreate and expand upon." 


"I'm inviting you to go through the My Music My Memories Program to compose your TOP 40! plus capture and write down some of the treasured memories associated with the music. If you do not write down these memories, they could be lost forever. 

Consider doing the program with a friend or loved-one.  OR invite some people over and have a My Music My Memories Party - call it a MMMM Mini Jam. " ~ Kathy Woods