The PLAYBOOK for the My Music My Memories Program

The Playbook is a workbook that offers a step-by-step guide of printed questions, anecdotes and memory prompts created to help you remember many of the songs and musical pieces from your younger years and to help you recapture memories linked to that music. Each page provides space for your handwritten responses and the stories that you remember. These stories along with your TOP 40! will become part of your personal history - a keepsake you can share with friends and family - a legacy for generations to come.  


Size - approx 9"X11"

Inside pages - 80# smooth

Clear heavy duty plastic on front cover

Vinyl backing 

5th SET: 17-18 YEARS OLD

The PLAYBOOK is divided into themed sets starting with the 1st Set and moving through a total of 7 sets each focusing on a different age from your childhood through 24 years old. Plus there are three additional sections – Interlude, Finale and Encore in addition to the MMMM Collection of Songs. 


These pages help you compose your customized list of favorite music: YOUR TOP 40!