Marghi McClearn

"This MMMM session was so much fun and very engaging! These materials are put together in such a way that easily facilitated conversation, memories, and laughter! Thank you Kathy for being a catalyst for bringing back happy memories." 

Marghi McClearn: Certified Nia White Belt/Green Belt, Certified Ageless Grace Educator & Trainer, Creative Movement Specialist

Denise Medved

“My Music My Memories was a wonderful experience that made me think of happy times in my life that I hadn’t thought of in years! It was especially fun to share those memories with others in my group – and hear their stories as well! Thank you Kathy Woods for creating this powerful and beautiful program.”

Denise Medved, Hendersonville, NC. Founder and Creator, Ageless GraceR Brain Health and 4EverFit4KIDZ!TM AgelessGrace.com 

Allegra Sorley

“As a board-certified music therapist working with older adults, I regularly observe how meaningful discussing preferential music and music from one’s childhood and adolescence can be. My Music My Memories is a wonderful step-by-step guide for individuals to reminiscence about music from their past while also giving them the opportunity to share their experiences with others.” 

Allegra Sorley, M.M., NMT, MT-BC 

Amy Podolsky

"Congratulations, my friend!  What a fantastic program, and a joy to have been a part of the journey. Can’t wait to read my playbook!"

Amy Podolsky, Ageless Grace® Trainer and a licensed Nia® Black Belt Instructor .

Joanne Brizland-cullen

"This is a great programme.  I did the teen years whilst in America with Kathy Woods - wow ! Amazing xxx"  

Jo Brizland-cullen, Manchester, United Kingdom. Ageless  Grace® Brain Health and 4EverFit4KIDZ! Certified Trainer, UK, International. Certified Kundalini Tantra Yoga Teacher.